Leo Geyer

Composer and Conductor

Artistic Director:  

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Blackbird (current work)

Blackbird will be premiered by Constella OperaBallet at the opening of the Sir Martin Gilbert Education Centre in Sping 2017.

for baritone, ensemble & electronics

Upcoming Premiere


Clothed in mourner’s black, a defiant bird

sings, then stutters as the hollow silence cages.

In haunted places gripped,

whispering winds and dancing shadows take hold.

In this wretched place a stillness locks

that even death’s afraid to break.


The sun bathes the lines of brick

but falters at the thick wall

Inside the darkened cold a sudden door shuts,

its echo swirling long after close.

On this decaying paper unheard music cast,

a soul’s shadow awaiting open.


Cloaked in the blackbird’s courage I sing,

then together, our melody flows the unsaid.




Let this place live out time’s test and fall never,

so that we do not forget and repeat it not again.


Bird cages

Gripped hold

Locks break

Brick wall

Shuts close


Cast open

Sing unsaid

Souls release



Never again.


(Leo Geyer, 2016)

Duration: 11'

Commissioned in memory of Sir Martin Gilbert


clarinet in Bb








Please note that this work is not currently available for hire or purchase.