Leo Geyer

Composer and Conductor

Artistic Director:  

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Glasstown (current work)

As part of the research and development process, Constella Ballet & Orchestra will be presenting a section of the work as part of Helios Collective's Formations.

Research and Development



ANN soprano

EMILY coloratura soprano

CHARLOTTE mezzo-soprano



TOY SOLDIER male dancer

TOY SOLDIER male dancer

TOY SOLDIER female dancer

Brontë family by Branwell Brontë c.1834


opera-ballet (libretto by Martin Kratz)

Duration: c.40'

Upcoming Premiere

Glasstown is due to be premiered in summer 2016 by Constella Ballet & Orchestra, directed by Ella Marchment with choreography by Jaered Glavin.

The opera-ballet Glasstown, a collection of four stories, takes as its starting point the fictional world of the same name created by the four Brontë siblings as part of their juvenilia. The imaginary worlds of Glass Town, Gondal and Angria, took shape as stories, poems, and plays, and were a collective fantasy played out between the children over many years. What we wanted to know was not only how an imaginary world is sustained, but also what causes it ultimately to collapse. Branwell Brontë’s portrait of himself and his sisters, the inspiration for the final story, and from which he eventually painted himself out in real life, came to be emblematic of this question.  

TOY SOLDIER conductor/finger cymbals

TOY SOLDIER flute/alto flute

TOY SOLDIER clarinet in Bb



Please note that this work is not currently available for hire or purchase.