Leo Geyer

Composer and Conductor

Artistic Director:  

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Paper Tiger (2014)

The Paper Tiger was premiered by the Royal Northern College of Music conducted by Alpesh Chauhan on the 2nd of May 2013 at the RNCM Concert Hall.        

for symphony orchestra

Duration: 10'



A fearsome tiger glares,

its tail high and teeth gleaming.


But it is made of paper,

no larger than mouse and as still as a statue.

Yet something unseen seems to stir within the flimsy folds,

something beyond the clear cut lines that make its crude body.


As if like a voodoo doll,

a spirit of tiger is bound by this paper shape.

And somewhere close a real tiger stands,

claws unsheathed and nostrils flared,

ready and waiting for that moment to pounce.


(Leo Geyer, 2014)

Paper Tiger - Sipho Mabona


3(picc), 3(cor.), 3(Eb Cl.), 3(C.Bsn) /4,3,3,1./ Timp, 3 perc. / pno, hp / Strings

Paper Tiger


Paper Tiger is available to hire. Please contact the composer directly to discuss rental arrangements. The score may be purchased for £15.00 excluding postage.