Leo Geyer

Composer and Conductor

Artistic Director:  

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Sedna (2011)

Sedna  was first performed by Manchester University Vocal Trio on the 16th of May 2011 at the Royal Northern College of Music Studio Theatre.

for female vocal trio



Knuckles like wrinkled walrus-skin,

lipless smiles of nail grooves

and thumb-throats arced in whale song,

clung to the gunwale

bending the canoe-neck down.

To draw from the trough of a wave

welled so deeply by the wind,

the great backs of the swells

are great, the leathered creatures too.

The fingers beluga white

scream at her father for help,

who raises the paddle-blade

and in his rough, old hunter's hands

and his rough, old hunter's mind,

releases them into the kelp.


(Martin Kratz, 2011)

Duration: 6'

Mermaid -Rachel Pank

Awarded the Rosamund Prize 2011


1st Feburary 2012

Juice Vocal Ensemble - Sir Jack Lyons Concert Hall, York


28th October 2012 

Juice Vocal Ensemble - Handel House, London

Notable Performances


Excerpt from the end of the piece performed by Juice Vocal Ensemble at Handel House.


Sedna is available to purchase for £30.00 excluding postage.