Leo Geyer

Composer and Conductor

Artistic Director:  

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Sonata (2012)

Sonata for Bassoon and Electronics was premiered by Leo Geyer on the 20th of June 2012 at the Carole Nash Recital Room at the Royal Northern College of Music.

for Bassoon and Electronics



It was not until after 1800 that sonata was used to describe a form of large-scale musical argument. Prior to that in the Baroque to Classical period, sonata was used to describe a chamber-music genre for either a solo instrument (usually a keyboard), or a solo melody instrument with piano. This piece was inspired by the latter, taking the idea of a sonata for bassoon and piano and extending it into the electroacoustic sphere.

Duration: 3'

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Sonata is available to purchase (includes eletronic soundtrack on CD) for £10.00 excluding postage.