Leo Geyer

Composer and Conductor

Artistic Director:  

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The Deep of Night (2010)

The Deep of Night was first performed by Vaganza on the 26th of November 2010 at the Cosmo Rodewald Concert Hall.

for flute, violin and cello



Cloud and Moon

The night is deep.

Cloud covers the sky, dimming the glow of distant stars.

A streak of moonlight briefly breaks through the flowing mantle,

but as cloud drifts the light fails.

Yet suddenly a bright white face is revealed,

cutting through the darkness.

But once again the cloud moves and the mask falls back into place.



From the dark corners of London

creatures rise from their daytime slumber.

They swarm to the streets;

destroying, fighting, mating, crying.

When the moon shines; the race of men no longer rule,

it is the fox.


(Leo Geyer, 2014)


Extract from the performance by Vaganza.

Duration: 10'

Moon - Leo Geyer

The Deep of Night


The Deep of Night is available to purchase for £30.00 excluding postage.