Leo Geyer

Composer and Conductor

Artistic Director:  

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Water Images

Water Images  was first performed by the Royal Northern College of Music on the 30th of June 2011 at the Noise of Many Waters Project at the Manchester Victoria Baths.

for wind quintet



Mermaid – Solo oboe

The oboe is a mystical beautiful mermaid who hides in the deep sea. The endless ocean is represented by the rest of the Quintet. The mermaid sick of her loneliness, slowly rises to the surface of the water, where she cries of her anguish and sorrow. The water responds, feeling her pain. The mermaid cannot bear to see her emotions amplified on the crashing waves and so she dives back to the depths.


St. Ives – Solo horn

The horn represents the extraordinary beauty of St. Ives. The rest of the quintet are the tourists, who are far too busy being holidaymakers to stop and appreciate the historic town.


Reflections – Solo clarinet

The still water acts as a mirror; the reflected image occasional broken by flowing ripples. The calm and stillness allows the mind to wonder, following the changing shapes and colours of water mirror.

Duration: 15'

Water Babies - Rachel Pank

Winner of the Serenata Winds Composition Compeition

Water Images

Elements Within – Solo bassoon

Two hydrogen elements and one oxygen are needed to create water, a ratio of two to one. In this movement two bars are followed by one, representing the two elements. The ratio is also used to decide the duration of the bars; the ‘hydrogen’ bars are always double the length of the ‘oxygen’ bar. The movement also illustrates the change from one state to another, beginning with gas, followed by liquid and finally solid.


Clouds – Solo flute

Wisps of cloud slowly wander across the sky and beginning to form into big white shapes. The clouds grow heavy and drops of rain begin to fall. Before long, the sun bursts through the clouds, ceasing the rain and disperses the clouds, which float off into the distance.