Leo Geyer

Composer and Conductor

Artistic Director:  

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White Shadows (2014)

White Shadows was first performed by the BBC Singers on the 18th of Feb 2014 at Madia Vale Studios.

for choir



Duration: 5'

Blinding Light & Shadows by Dylan Ayres

Written for the BBC Singers


Walking through the streets of Vienna,

the great buildings sparkle in the cold sun.

They seem so perfect.

The heavy weight of time light on the endless columns.


I follow footsteps of those long since passed.

Yet here, lost amongst the unchanged stone

shadows flicker.

But they do not lurk, swathed in black.


Here, they bathe in the glory of the shimmering marble,

unseen in the burning bright but known by all.

dancing through the city’s whirl

they give Vienna its breath.


(Leo Geyer, 2014)



White Shadows is available to hire. Please contact composer directly to discuss rental arrangmenets.